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happening right now the wins will erica was talking about has been causing the damage. kron4's will tran is live. >>will: i can tell you it's getting a little bit breezy so we might see the start all over again. we definitely saw last night around a 45 when you can see here in the barricades' plane on its side. here's video. this happened on sunday night. unfortunately, no one was shopping right-at this time but according to some construction workers they believe wins and 60 mi. per hour came out of nowhere topple the barricades. the very kids ran place just to cover up the store under construction. a for ever 21. he did not enter any of the workers because they were not here at the time and now shoppers. some cars suffered
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some minor scratches on this side are a few little cracks on doors but not too bad. in fact, he said one car was able to drive away from the scene. if we can come back out live now. i want to show you the barricades. you can see it here and in some of the barricade to remain standing if we consume and right there. >>james: here is video of of
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livermore yesterday. the altamont pass. the big 18 will on its side and knocked over by those high winds that we saw last night. here was a great example of what wins can do when they are blowing hard enough. keep those pictures coming and. breaking news at kron4 dot com. e-mail them ever again as a kron4 dot com or off load them immediately from our kron 4 news app. >>mark: want to bring you an update on this latest number coming from pg&e right now. at 18,000 homes and businesses bay area wide affected. here's some of the numbers with 591 still without power and san francisco.
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>>darya: and other bay area news and an 19 year-old who was a passenger in a group of cars that pulled over to change a tire, has become vallejos 28th homicide victim of the year. this happened around 11:00 on saturday night where there was a group pulled over for a flat tire and this victim was shot and killed by bullets that were fired from a passing white as you see. the sec had tinted windows. also, for other people in that group along the side of the road were hurt. vallejo police said they were from south san francisco headed to a party. the victim has not been released. -jeff the victim's name has not yet been released. but police believe there was just one shooter. >>james: police say the incident not connected to
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some of these riders came even though it did happen nearby. at this time police have no suspect in the shooting. >>darya: a robbery suspect shot by police ride in the middle of the marina and san francisco still in hospital. this robbery happening right here at this the ave atm. on sunday afternoon somebody was at the atm when a gunman walked up and tried to rob them. this is at chestnut and your street bridge there was a struggle and the pistol went off. the robber pistol whipped the victim and around one off. the suspect was hit. he's of the house floor right now san francisco general. >>mark: a memorial was held for the 13th of santa rosa boy who was killed by officers. deputies said 13
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year-old andean lopez cruz was carrying the replica of assault weapon when he was shot and killed. hundreds gathered at his memorial service yesterday. andy lopez cruzz. gamma he had dreams. he had goals. he had so much life to live. >>james: and 607 still ahead on the kron4 morning news dr. conrad murray has been released from jail. and we will tell you the reason behind his early release protect plus one danville family is remembering their two children. 10 years now
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after a tragic accident. after the break we will tell you how the two parents are keeping their children's memory alive. ♪ yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party.
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make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. set your soul free. >>darya: 610 right now and on this monday morning. it has been 10 years since the buyout and carmen--bob and
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carmon pack lost to kids to a drunk driver. 10 year-old troy and seven year-old alana were run over by a woman under the influence of drugs and alcohol while riding their bikes and scooter and danville. the driver was found guilty of second-degree murder and remains in prison. since the crash, by bob and carmen pack say they've been busy lobbying against drunk driving through the tr andoy anoy and alana foundation. bob has has also worked with the state center mark senator mark
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aesaulnier to pass a bill imposing tougher regulations to fight prescription drug abuse. >>: we don't want anyone else to suffer like we have. >>darya: more than 100 members of the danville community released butterflies and balloons and honor of troy and a lineup. --alana. pacs--the packs also have a seven year-old daughter was born three years after the accident prepared at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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the united states has a lot of explaining to do. new allegations of nsa spying on european allies have sent the obama administration scrambling. today u.s. officials will sit down with lawmakers from the european union to discuss the latest round of spying allegations. reports said the nsa monitored cause of 35 world leaders including france and germany. the latest charge comes from germany where the nsa allegedly monitored chancellor angela merkel's cellphone decade. one paper wrote that president obama
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was made aware of it in 2010 and allowed to continue. the nsa denies the president knew anything. >>: much of its discarded. merkel placed an angry phone call to the president and another german officials say is this has shaken their confidence in the united states where are the claims coming from a document from nsa leader edwards and aldon. and anger over clams the nsa is spying on people around the world is spilling into the streets of washington. demonstrators rallied against the nation's surveillance programs on saturday. a state department spokeswoman says president obama has directed the government to review and
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surveillance capabilities. >>darya: was check-in with the weather. >>erica: 53 currently in san jose. as we take a look at wind gusts. actually not as bad as what we experienced last night. we are still talking with us up to 32 mi. per hour and vallejo. the bigger picture here on satellite and radar. this cold front has dropped down from the pacific northwest. and you can see it's actually rotating showers are around. i think most activity will be from our east or to our south. we are also picking up snow from nevada. we have a winter adviser affect into the afternoon. could see between three and 6 in. of snow at the lake level. support of 10 in. above 7,000 ft. so it's certainly starting to feel like wintertime all around northern california. take a look at your highs today.
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santa clara maxi not as 63 percent upper 50s for fremont. mostly cloudy conditions with an overcast afternoon. we really may struggle to see some time whatsoever. los 60s for castro valley and union city. downtown's san francisco a high of 56 and a few degrees warmer through berkeley. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows temperatures will continue to climb. looks like today and tomorrow will be the coolest day of the work week. we are talking a warming trend advancing towards friday. by friday will be upper '70s inland low 60s inside the bay and low fifties for the coast. time ran out is 618. on to traffic now with rabin. >>: rabin. here's a live shot of your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights were turned on about 30 minutes ago saw lights on your back up towards the bottom of the 880 over
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crossing of the good news is no problems on the maze or on the stand slow you down through downtown san francisco. your ride here for 92% traffic is moving well in both directions between hayward and foster city. when one looks good and the nimitz freeway doing good as you had over two to 92. switching over to the traffic maps this is one of your slow as commute as you come out of tracy had been through it all to monitor livermore is pretty heavy. backed up a little bit heavier than normal year up to 40 minutes and now from trustee to the six 80s but if you're heading out towards the dublin interchange. most of the freeways are doing pretty well. the small stretch of slowing
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>>james: thank you very much robyn. the fight over renewing the nation's farm bill has centered on clouds to the $80 billion a year food stamp program. but there could be unintended consequences if no agreement is reached. higher milk prices. members of the house and senate are scheduled to begin the long awaited negotiations on a five-year roughly $500 billion bill this week. if they don't finish it, dairy products-- supports could expire at the end of the year and send the price of milk skyward. the farm bill sets police-policy for farm subsidies for food stamps and other rural development project. >>darya: the island that ushered millions of immigrants into the united states is about to resume
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receiving visitors for the first time since superstar standees-sandy's surged gushed into new york harbor. the halls and buildings of the ellis island immigration museum are due to reopen to the public today almost a year after the storm. is on the boilers and electrical systems and left the 27.5 a. island without power for months. but the national park service notes that much work still needs to be done. more than 1 million photographs and other artifacts remain in storage while buildings are fixed and upgraded. >>james: coming up on the kron4 morning news. in live look at interstate 80 at donner summit three chains are required of this year this morning. we'll be right back.
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>>james: 623 is on the clock. the olympics are a little more than four months away heading the 100 daymark today. sochi russia is getting a major face lift. phil black has more on the news sports venues and big plans to overhaul the city. >>: organizers have tried to turn back into a strained by designed from scratch the ideal model for olympic of vineyards. this is what they came up with. to cluster one by the coast one and the mountains separate a new road and rail line linking the two. compact, efficient, no big travel times between venues. as the calendar hits the 100th day countdown
6:25 am
mark that design is basically a reality. while things on the ground are still pretty rough. a frenzy of landscaping to give the place looking right. the sports facilities have all been built and tested but one big piece of the infrastructure is letting the side down and it's kind of importance. but the stadium the stage for the opening ceremony doesn't look like it's going to be ready soon. sakis unpredictable weather and the people directing the opening ceremony have forced a big changes on the design during construction. it was supposed to be open with views of the sea on one side, mountains on the other. but it's not getting a roof. russia is in the country known for its efficiency. building of this on time will be a statement to the world. it's why president vladimir present is taking such a personal interest--sochi, russuaia.
6:26 am
they say president vladimir involvement has made a huge difference. getting the venues ready is not the only challenge. the whole city was run down, neglected with little investments since the soviet era. it's getting a major overhaul which doesn't look like it could possibly be ready soon. the skyline is a mass of cranes and partially completed buildings with many of them match made at hotels. and this that-and then there is the traffic which ask anyone around they say it is appalling. they said the president's hand is felt everywhere and the one big investment has renewed the city and a way that would have been possible without the games. there are some unusual sites around this olympic city. like this mysterious and growing military facility. on the
6:27 am
naked preventer slopes you see these huge silver mt. spur it and is technically subtropical climates. russia is promising an olympic like any the world has seen print so different is the city from previous posts. so great the challenges. it would be difficult not to deliver on that promise prickle >>will: ms morning at and east bay shopping center and strong winds caused the barricades, toppling down bridge cannot have a live report from the scene of the kron4 morning news.
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a three week long gwen district for the dow and s&p 500 of doubt futures down five. as head of the opening bell. big news when apple will report their quarterly numbers this morning. >>darya: as 629 we want to get a look at the numbers and the weather forecast. right now it's chilly but were looking up towards the weekend. >>erica: that's right. it is chilly in the meantime. we are in the forties and fifties. we've only climb into low 50s and 60s as we head into the afternoon. expect clotted conditions thanks to this cold front. we do have some interesting changes for today looks like a dry weather on the tap for tomorrow but we will keep cold conditions. we will see a warming trend heading closer to the weekend. of red dye your 7 day around
6:31 am
the bay forecast coming up at 745 hears robyn. >>: rob and a new crash on the nimitz freeway. looks like a minor crash but there's one car facing the wrong way blocking the far left lane. it quickly backing up behind the scene. the to getting ready to head out the door. a the nimitz already out to a slow start. go ahead and popover to 580 use that instead. >>james: high winds caused a lot of damage across the bay area. we saw one of the most dramatic examples of the east bay where construction equipment was not to the ground. kron4's will tran is live with the latest. hey well. >>will: what james a lot of damage but fortunately, no injuries. crews are here- judge were here for about eight hours cleaning up the mess. . the barricades are right in front of this for ever 21 under construction.
6:32 am
here's video that we got right after it happened at 845 last night. fortunately it been sunday there were no shoppers out there and construction crews took the night off so that's why we don't see any injuries. according to a construction crew member who was out here cleaning up last night, he said he believes wind up to 60 mi. per hour came out of nowhere cause of the barricades to come toppling down and the barricades were basically the backbone of the wooden facade. we see stores all the time under construction. because of those wins came along the barricades simply cannot withstand the force of the wins. cause them to come down and that's why they spent eight hours starting from a 45 to about 6:00 this morning cleaning up all of the debris, mass and it may have cost a cracks in the windows because you can see
6:33 am
someone in boards out front and was home and enjoy it leave you with a shot. unfortunately some cars were parked in front who suffered some beings and scratches. but nothing too bad where one car was able to drive away from here. not bad terms of a damage or injury but a lot of mess. back to you james. >>james: thanks a lot will. here's some video we had out of the livermore area where the high gusts toppled eight big rig. pretty incredible shot. the winds were strong enough to topple the equipment this large. of course big rigs have that high profile so the catch that wind and it's so strong that they can turn them over. >>darya: alameda county
6:34 am
sheriff's detectives are conducting a criminal investigation into a nursing home that closed thursday and left behind 14 sick and elderly patients. paramedics were called to the valley matter residential care center in castro valley on saturday. when they arrived, they found a notice on the door from the state department of social services ordering the side to be closed. paramedics also found bedridden patients attended by a handful of staff members who stayed to help them, despite not being paid. the staff members tuesday included a cook, a janitor and single caretaker. the patients were transported to other homes. >>james: the former doctor convicted of causing michael jackson's death has been released from jail. conrad murray left a los angeles county jail this morning
6:35 am
gaining early release under prison system called credit for time served " rules. the four cardiologists serves less than two years in jail after being convicted in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter for jackson's june 2009 death. murray's medical licenses remain suspended or revoked in three states where he previously practiced medicine but mary it intends to reapply for lessons in taxes. murray has been sentenced to serve four years behind bars but a change in california law allowed his in carson it- incarceration time to be significantly cut down. sacramento police said one man is dead and six others wounded after a drive-by shooting at a halloween party. witnesses told police that just after 130 am sunday 8 to door bmw drove by and someone inside opened fire on people as they were leaving the event. the victim was a 28 year-old father of three. the six others were wounded were transported to hospital and
6:36 am
are expected to survive. the party was promoted on line. police said the party was illegal because promoters were charging people to attend what was supposed to be a private event. >>darya: a new report underscores what health professionals know but parents and not. the flow can be find out--fatal to children even help the kids who don't have other medical conditions. researchers with the centers for disease control and prevention found that 830 kids to die from so related complications between october 2004 and september 2012. and 43 percent of those children were otherwise healthy and most of them had not gotten a flu vaccine. the money was the most commonly reported complication among the kids who died. the cdc " recommends that all children six months or older get the flu vaccine every year. >>mark: the 49ers an
6:37 am
historic wembley stadium in london taking on the lowly jacksonville jaguars. colin kapernick made the most of his trip across the pond and the most of the hapless jaguars. kapernick threw for 164 yds and one touchdown and ran for 54 yds and two touchdowns. frank gore also ran for two scores. the 49ers improve t witr jacksonville, their fifth in a row, while the jaguars' remain winless at 0-8. it was the eighth regular- season nfl game at wembley stadium, the home of england's national soccer team and the second this year. 52,950 at the coliseum fans rocking their hollowing cost of a few days early. for the raiders steelers' game first play from scrimmage terrell prior fakes to mcfadden and
6:38 am
pretty much the entire steelers' defense bites and prior is off to the race's 93 yds for the touchdown, the lawn display in british history and the longest touchdown run ever by a quarterback 7-0 oakland. fryer had 106 yds rushing only 88 yds passing. baron mcfadden with two touchdowns on the day and the raiders go up 21-3 but the raiders' offensive does nothing in the second half and then-- ben roethlisberger rallied his team to two fourth quarter touchdowns 21-8 team pittsburgh. ritter's 121-18 improve to 3-for their first one coming off a by since 2002. >>darya: coming up on the kron4 morning news the highway is causing trouble throughout the bay area. if
6:39 am
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gotta t! anny >>: welcome back. dramatic video coming into the kron4 news room from been-beijing affecting dozens of tourists. right now, five people are dead after a jeep plowed into a crowded part of tiananmen square and caught fire monday. the crash temporarily blocked off a busy area and part of the chinese capital as rescuers employees rush to the scene. police said the crash happened around noon local time at the entrance to the forbidden city
6:43 am
bearing a giant portrait of mao zedong. the driver of the deep and two passengers were killed according to beijing police. the other two fatalities were torres a filipino woman and a chinese man and at least 38 people were injured. >>darya: coming up on the kron4 morning news our team coverage of the weather and higher strong gwen's continues when we return after the break. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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ma >>darya: a san francisco man was arrested last week after he urinated on library shelves causing over $3,000 worth of damage. 33 year- old aton cole was arrested
6:47 am
after a library employee at the main library heard eight tinkling sound on the third floor. that's where they found colt who urinated over three shelves. kohl was booked on suspicion of vandalism. he is expected to be arraigned today. voters in antioch will vote on a half cent sales tax that would raise an estimated $4.3 million to allow the city to fight crime. the tax rates would allow the city to beef up its police department and code enforcement staff. boaters are being asked to consider a measure that would add half a penny per dollar or 5¢ for every $10 spent in the city. the city council voted last june to place the measure on the november 5th ballot as the city wrestles with a multimillion-dollar deficit. >>james: the birthplace of apple has been given a historic designation. the grand style los altos home
6:48 am
where steve jobs started apple has been declared a " historic resource. " while not architecturally significant, the 61 year-old house has become a cultural icon. this sort resource designation as the leader of protection against a dramatic feature renovations to the property. member robyn checking your ride into san francisco still busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. not bad. no problems or crashes but it the lights are on. your ride across the san mateo bridge is crowded and the westbound direction. that's the right hand side of your screen. that is normal and expected for this time of mourning and so if this is your commute direction you should allow yourself an extra time. and a quick check on your ride across the golden gate bridge. now to the weather center. here is your coverage >>erica: good morning robin. it was very windy last
6:49 am
night. we were all in the same boat. the news is that when has definitely die down this morning but we are still talking wind gust of towards 37 mi. per hour. san 20 mi. per hour winds and oakland. as far as temperatures everyone waking up to forties' and '50s. you can thank the wins for something this morning. satellite and radar shows this cold front rank and some snow to the sierra nevada where winter advisory is in effect. you'll see here on futurecast for not
6:50 am
much rain to talk about. as for your temperatures fremont today. take a look at walnut creek a high of 63. overcast conditions and san francisco. 61 degrees expected in a bottle and low 60s for those of you in oakland. your 7 day around the bay forecast. by sunday wrapping up the week all together in one high struggle to make it into the mid-60s. >>mark: all eyes on affeldt. >>: tim cook. how will he
6:51 am
addressed them. i'm saying i want to hear mobile. i want to hear how they are doing not compare to facebook benefits of the world of mobile advertising trumps everything else. i think we will have a nice corporate last quarter was absolutely without a doubt disappointing. the doubting apple. they've released a lot of new products which will sell well into the holidays so it should be a good time to be had by all. a lot of questions will come up when you think about samsung with a million- dollar deal to be courtside technology. apple went from a company that had revenue growth top line quarter over quarter over quarter which
6:52 am
was incredible and then when they were not able to grow the top line investors fell out of love but right now people will pay top dollar. we will pay a premium for anybody who can show top line revenue growth and apple did not have the last quarter. will the new products help relaunch it this quarter. >>mark: they are expecting $9 a share and revenue. >>: no one doubts their earnings. the question is how this china feeling. i talked to an economist last thursday and asked is that the new normal. now we're starting to say 6 1/2% is perfect. and my ok with 2%.
6:53 am
>>james: at 653. changes coming to mcdonald's catch up for it will tell you how these changes are affecting a decades old partnership rich details on the story coming up after the break.
6:54 am
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the morning the top stories we're following for you on this monday morning october 28th. i went across the bay area causing damage leaving hundreds without power. our team coverage ahead. >> high winds overnight caused a lot of damage across the bay, including the east bay. that is where construction barricades' fl and emeryville. kron4 will trend as liven has more, will? at

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